#15 - Unlocking the Secrets of Pet's Inner Clock, by Dr. David Thomas

pet nutrition Sep 21, 2023

In exploring pet nutrition, we uncover the intricate science of circadian and seasonal rhythms in dogs and cats. Grasping the profound influence of these rhythms on our pets' behaviors and nutrition enables us to provide superior care, enhancing their longevity and overall health. Our latest episode delves into this captivating realm with Dr. David Thomas of Massey University in New Zealand. Dr. Thomas examines how light, temperature and feeding patterns impact these rhythms, offering valuable insights from his research. The discussion covers critical topics, including feeding guidelines, seasonal shifts in nutrient needs, and the complexities of sustaining optimal nutrition for breeding queens and lactating animals.


What you’ll learn:

1. Seasonal rhythms and their impact on animal health

2. Impact of housing conditions on animal's ability to regulate seasonal rhythms

3. Comparison of weather conditions in different geographical locations

4. Nutritional sufficiency and deficiency due to seasonal changes

5. Feeding recommendations for dogs and cats based on their circadian rhythm


Meet the guest:

Dr. David Thomas


    ○ Current: Associate Professor at the Massey University

    ○ Past: Post-Doctoral at the Massey University



   ○ Ph.D., Zoology (University College London)

   ○ B.Sc., Zoology (Dundee University)