#16 - Elevating Pet Health through Specialized Nutrition, by Dr. Joe Bartges

Sep 28, 2023

In the realm of pet nutrition, the focus is on diet's role in managing and preventing arthritis, which affects not only dogs but also cats, particularly older ones. This degenerative joint disease significantly impacts their well-being and health. In this episode, Dr. Joe Bartges, a veterinary medicine and nutrition expert from the University of Georgia, discusses arthritis, obesity, and kidney disease in pets. He emphasizes nutrition's critical role in mitigating these conditions, sharing insights on prevention and management, the nutrition-obesity link, and kidney stone prevention. Dr. Bartges also offers chronic kidney disease management knowledge, enhancing pets' quality of life.


What you’ll learn:

1. The impact of fish oil on arthritis

2. Discussion on the impact of nutrition in preventing diseases

3. The impact of obesity on joints and overall health

4. Technology's role in understanding animal health

5. Research on stone formers in dogs and cats


Meet the guest:

Dr. Joe Bartges


    ○ Current: Professor at the University of Georgia

    ○ Past: Internist and Nutritionist at the Cornell University Veterinary Specialists



   ○ Ph.D., Veterinary Medicine (University of Minnesota)

   ○ DVM, Veterinary Medicine (The University of Georgia)

   ○ B.Sc., Zoology/Animal Biology (Marshall University)

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