#17 - Pet Microbiota: The Key to Optimal Well-being, by Dr. Jan Suchodolski

pet food Oct 05, 2023

Proper nutrition profoundly impacts pets' microbiota, offering fertile ground for fresh insights and new paradigms in their health and treatment. Dr. Jan Suchodolski, a foremost expert in pet microbiota, shares his journey and explores the intricate relationship between microbiota and pet well-being in this episode. He introduces the concept of a "healthy" microbiome and envisions a potential gut health staging system, shedding light on how understanding microbiota responses to various conditions aids in disease diagnosis and treatment. His groundbreaking research opens new treatment avenues and deepens our comprehension of diseases, including chronic and acute GI conditions.  


What you’ll learn:

1. Health vs. illness in microbiota

2. The irreversibility of chronic dysbiosis

3. Importance of the microbiome

4. Understanding the robust and dynamic nature of the microbiome

5. The potential of probiotics and postbiotics


Meet the guest:

Dr. Jan Suchodolski


    ○ Current: Professor at the Texas A&M University



   ○ Ph.D. in Veterinary Microbiology and Immunobiology (Texas A&M University)

   ○ DVM in Veterinary Medicine (University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna)


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