#18 - Nutrition and Quality in Pet Food Ingredients, by Dr. Jennifer Martin

pet food Oct 12, 2023

The pet food industry collaborates closely with the meat science community, ensuring pets receive safe, balanced, and nutrient-rich diets while championing sustainability. In this episode, we had the pleasure of hosting Dr. Jennifer Martin, an expert from Colorado State University with a background in animal and meat science. Dr. Martin shared her journey, emphasizing pet food safety by addressing pathogens like Salmonella through rendering. She also discussed the environmental benefits of utilizing byproducts from human food production in pet food. Join us as we explore this vital synergy between industries, meeting pets' nutritional needs while promoting sustainability and responsible resource utilization.


What you’ll learn:

    ○ Ensuring safety in pet food manufacturing

    ○ Sustainability in pet food manufacturing

    ○ Pet nutritional needs and quality of food

    ○ Maximizing nutritive impact and reducing waste

    ○ Collaboration between human food industry and pet food industry for shared benefits.

    ○ Discussing byproducts in production streams


Meet the guest:

Dr. Jennifer Martin


    ○ Current: Associate Professor at the Colorado State University

    ○ Past: Research Assistant at the Texas Tech University


   ○ Ph.D., Animal and Food Science (Texas Tech University)

   ○ M.Sc., Animal Science (Texas Tech University)

   ○ B.Sc., Animal Science (Texas Tech University)


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