#19 - The Vital Role of Antioxidants in Pet Food Quality, by Dr. Melissa Weber

Oct 19, 2023

Antioxidants are essential in pet food, safeguarding product quality and animal well-being. They counteract oxidation, preserving vital nutrients and preventing unwanted off-flavors. Selecting the right antioxidants is crucial to maintaining pet food quality throughout its shelf life. In this episode, Dr. Melissa Weber delves into the critical issue of oxidation in pet foods, explaining the chemical reactions and their impact on product quality and animal health. Dr. Weber emphasizes the importance of antioxidants and the challenges faced in their selection.


What you’ll learn:

    ○ Antioxidants in pet food

    ○ Choosing the right antioxidant

    ○ Impacts of oxidized pet food on animal health

    ○ Importance of formulation and nutrient protection

    ○ The role of pet food companies in ensuring quality


Meet the guest:

Dr. Melissa Weber


    ○ Current: Director of Technical Services in Wilbur-Ellis Nutrition

    ○ Past: Sr. Technical Sales Specialist in Wilbur-Ellis Nutrition



   ○ Ph.D., Animal Science (Kansas State University)

   ○ M.Sc., Animal Science (Kansas State University)

   ○ B.Sc., Animal Science (University of Tennessee at Martin)


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